Extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data

We not only understand the significance of your business challenges, but also how best to use data to deliver solutions. Our principals have advanced degrees in computer science, biomedical engineering, and business administration. But more importantly, they have accumulated years of practical business experience in senior leadership positions at global multinational corporations in the health and financial informatics industries.

  • We help executive leaders define measurable, clear and concise questions that can drive business improvement.
  • We collaborate with stakeholders to identify existing data assets or develop plans for new data capture.
  • We implement scalable data storage and transformation pipelines using SQL, NoSQL, HDFS, S3, Kinesis, as needed.
  • We work with business analysts to develop Tableau or QlikView dashboards for data exploration.
  • We apply various classification, clustering and machine learning algorithms to extract features from raw data. We build predictive models using advanced AI, statistical and mathematical models.
  • As an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner, we have extensive experience deploying customer solutions on AWS using cost-effective, scalable architectures.